Trump's acting chief of staff Mick Mulvaney is out. Mark Meadows will take on role

Mark Meadows, a North Carolina lawmaker, will become Donald Trump's latest White House chief of staff, replacing Mick Mulvaney. USA TODAY

Judiciary Committee says McGahn ruling leaves only extreme options — such as arrests — to get White House info

House lawyers say the alternatives to judicial review of congressional subpoenas would be a menu of unpalatable options. POLITICO

Trump's CDC visit turns into scattershot defense on virus

ATLANTA (AP) — President Donald Trump's visit to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on Friday turned into a scattershot defense of his administration's handling of the coronavirus... AP NEWS

How testing failures allowed coronavirus to sweep the U.S.

The Trump administration’s decision to forgo a World Health Organization test and create its own had fateful consequences, experts say. POLITICO

Trump denies sexism hurt Warren's campaign: 'People don't like her'

President Trump on Friday dismissed the idea that sexism had something to do with Sen. Elizabeth Warren's (D-Mass.) struggles in the Democratic presidential primary after she dropped out of the 2020 race the day before. TheHill

Trump picks Mark Meadows as new White House chief of staff

He will replace Mick Mulvaney who will become the U.S. special envoy for Northern Ireland, the president says. Washington Post

Mick Mulvaney out as chief of staff, Mark Meadows to replace him

The president made the huge staffing announcement on Twitter.

Is Joe Biden the American Brezhnev? | Ben Judah

Leaders in the late Soviet Union wilfully ignored the need for structural reform. The Democratic contender should take note, says author Ben Judah the Guardian

To Rebound and Win, Bernie Sanders Needs to Leave His Comfort Zone

Current and former staffers say Sanders has run a great campaign — except when it comes to taking on Democrats like Joe Biden by name. Can he fix that? Rolling Stone

The Right’s New Strategy to Fight Abortion Takes Aim at Doctors

The attack on reproductive rights is borrowing from one of Roe’s original strategies, and weaknesses. Slate Magazine

National outrage grows after self-described Nazi unfurls swastika flag at Bernie Sanders rally in Phoenix

Questions about security for presidential candidates arose after Robert Sterkeson unfurled a swastika flag at a Bernie Sanders campaign rally at Veterans Memorial Coliseum. azcentral

White House hires another college senior for sensitive administration post

The move follows the White House’s recent hiring of another college student for a powerful post. POLITICO

Dr. Cornel West's powerful case for Bernie Sanders | FULL REMARKS

Dr. Cornel West makes the case for Bernie Sanders to be the Democratic nominee for president at a Bernie 2020 GOTV Rally in Detroit. YouTube

Inside the Sanders campaign’s quest to win the Internet

Bernie Sanders’s critique of the “corporate media” is inseparable from his effort to reach people in new ways — and on a whole different scale than his rivals. Washington Post

The case for transferring federal lands back to Native Americans

Surely Indian tribes can do as well or better than federal agencies at determining what is best for Native American cultural assets. TheHill

Americans divided on party lines over risk from coronavirus: Reuters/Ipsos poll

Americans who now find themselves politically divided over seemingly everything ... U.S.

Trump names Mark Meadows as new chief of staff

President Trump on Friday announced that Rep. Mark Meadows (R-N.C.) would replace Mick Mulvaney as his chief of staff, becoming the fourth person to hold the position during Trump's tenure. TheHill

Trump Says Coronavirus Testing Is as ‘Perfect’ as His Ukraine Transcript

After a tour of the CDC, the president wanted Americans to know he’s definitely done nothing wrong. Intelligencer